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Regina dona Godello 2021

Regina dona Godello 2021

The grape of Godello is increasing in popularity and has much potential. Already showing in the sub-region of Ribeira Sacra, in Spanish Galicia.
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Çalkarasi Blanc de Noirs 2021

Çalkarasi Blanc de Noirs 2021

Pasaeli winery is one of the most profound wineries from the western part of Turkey, below the city of Izmir. Made from the local red Calkarasi grape, but vinified as a white wine.
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Marasca Rossi II Principio 2021

Marasca Rossi II Principio 2021

Coming from the Abruzzo region in eastern Italy, two brothers took over the winery from their grandparents and renamed it in their honor. The surnames Marasca and Rossi are branded for the new direction the winery is taking.
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Book launching

Description of the book: Roadtrip voor Vinologen

In the summer of 2022 Anthony and his partner Joey decided to travel the whole of France by car, starting from Breda in The Netherlands. The goal was to visit the major wine regions of the country and fully emerge in the local wine culture. The result can be found here.

Key Features:

  1. Expert Insights: Benefit from Anthony De Beir’s extensive wine knowledge.
  2. Wine Regions: Explore the major wine regions of France.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Dive deep into the local wine culture.
  4. Award-Winning Author: Sommelier of the year 2022 – Proefschrift Awards.
  5. Handy Size: Compact 155mm x 235mm for on-the-go reading.
  6. Vinology Journey: A must-have for wine lovers and connoisseurs.

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Hi, My name is Anthony De Beir, founder of Gettinghotforwine. My fascination for wine started when I was studying hospitality management in Melbourne, Australia. There I took the course “Advise on Australian Wines” where I fully emerged in the holistic process and several existing influences on the quality of grapes and later on the wine. Due to my work as a Food and…

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Grape Varieties

Everything you want to learn about the characteristics of all your favorite grape varieties & more about the different regions from all over the wine world.


A white grape variety that finds its origin in Greece, more specifically in the region of Attica, surrounding the capital of Athens. The grape struggles with its image, as it has been the number one grape used for Retsina for a long time. A lot of low-quality Retsina was exported throughout Europe bringing much damage to the image of not only the grape variety of Savatiano, but for the whole wine industry coming from Greece…

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Anthony Mulders - De Beir


A white grape variety that finds its origin in Greece, more specifically in the region

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Galicia: a taste of terroir and climate

In the Northwestern part of Spain, we stumble on a beautiful slice of green heaven, where life gets dictated by the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. Steep and rough coastal lines harvest the most magnificent seafood, and the soft climate ensures that grapes can develop interesting aromas with stunning wines as a result! If you find your way to this ultimate pilgrim region, do take your time to discover all the beauty Galicia has to offer!

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