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Discover French Wine Culture: Road Trip for Vinologists Book”

Product Description: Embark on an exciting journey through the heart of France’s wine regions with the “Road Trip for Vinologists” book. Join Anthony De Beir, a renowned vinologist and sommelier, as he explores the rich wine culture of France. In this Dutch-language book, you’ll find 85 pages of expert insights and delightful tales from the vineyards. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a professional, this book is your ultimate companion.


Book Road trip for Vinologists (NL). In the summer of 2022 Anthony and his partner Joey decided to travel the whole of France by car, starting from Breda in The Netherlands. The goal was to visit the major wine regions of the country and fully emerge in the local wine culture. The result can be found here.

Anthony De Beir (1988) is a registered vinologist, blogger, wine educator and, consultant. In 2021 he founded the wine blog and, has worked as a sommelier for different restaurants and hotels. He was awarded ‘Sommelier of the year 2022’ by Proefschrift Awards in Amsterdam.
Earlier he published the Tasting Booklet. A handy tool that allows you to keep track of your own tasting notes in a clear method.

The book is in Dutch language to ‘ Road trip for Vinologists’

It has 85 pages and is 155mm x 235mm large.

Bullet Points:

  1. Expert Insights: Benefit from Anthony De Beir’s extensive wine knowledge.
  2. Wine Regions: Explore the major wine regions of France.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Dive deep into the local wine culture.
  4. Award-Winning Author: Sommelier of the year 2022 – Proefschrift Awards.
  5. Handy Size: Compact 155mm x 235mm for on-the-go reading.
  6. Vinology Journey: A must-have for wine lovers and connoisseurs.


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