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Discovering My Passion for Wine in Australia

My journey into the world of wine began during my hospitality management studies in Melbourne, Australia. It was there that I took the course “Advise on Australian Wines,” which introduced me to the intricate world of winemaking and the factors influencing grape and wine quality. As I pursued my career as a Food and Beverage team leader at Pullman Hotels, I had the opportunity to conduct my first wine training.

“A day without wine, is a day without living.”

Anthony Mulders – De Beir

Pursuing a Sommelier Career in Europe

In June 2020, I decided to fully commit to the world of wine. I returned to Europe to become a certified sommelier. To grasp the technical aspects thoroughly, I chose to pursue my studies in my native language, Dutch. Despite having spent years in Australia for travel, work, and studies, I opted for the Netherlands instead of returning to my home country, Belgium.

Evolution into a Wine Enthusiast and Educator

My journey took an exciting turn when I became the head sommelier for the two Michelin-star restaurant De Lindehof** in Nuenen. In 2022, I was honored with the title of Sommelier of the Year by Proefschrift Amsterdam. Since mid-2022, I’ve dedicated myself full-time to Gettinghotforwine, which has evolved from a blog into a thriving brand and business. As an educator, consultant, writer, and connoisseur in the world of wine, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and passion through various publications and experiences. Join me on this captivating journey through the art and science of wine.

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