Grape Varieties

Everything you want to learn about the characteristics of all your favourite grape varieties


A white grape variety that finds its origin in Greece, more specifically in the region of Attica, surrounding the capital of Athens. The grape struggles with its image, as it has been the number one grape used for Retsina for a long time.


This white grape variety finds its origin in the town of Godella in Valencia in Spain. However, Galician traders brought it back to the northern part of Spain right above the border with Portugal in the 1920’s.

Syrah - Shiraz

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The grape variety of Syrah originated from the Rhône Valley in the southeast of France, where it remains very popular. Even though rumors make out that the grape is coming from the middle east, more specifically from the city ‘Shiraz’ in Iran, studies have shown that the Rhône valley has always been its home.


The Gewürztraminer is a very aromatic white grape that has a strong family tie with the Traminer grape but is not quite the same. Legend has it that both grapes are coming from the same village, Traminer in Tirol.

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