Calkarasi Blanc de Noirs 2021

Pasaeli winery is one of the most profound wineries from the western part of Turkey, below the city of Izmir. Made from the local red Calkarasi grape, but vinified as a white wine.

Looking at the appearance

The appearance is clear and bright, with a light golden colour. A still wine with no signs of aging, however a rather high viscosity level.

Smelling the aromas

The intensity of the aromas is medium, but does give beautiful, subtle notes such as white peach, cantaloupe and lychees. Complimented with floral touches of orange blossom, acacia and jasmine. An undertone of red fruit remains, complimented with the scent of rose water.

Flavours on the palate

In terms of flavour intensity, the wine does score higher on the palate than it does in the nose. The level of acidity is medium, structure a bit creamy and has a beautiful interaction with the above-described aromas. The red grape Calkarasi was separated from it skins immediately and fermented in a stainless-steel tank. It did have an aging on the lees for up to 9 months. The level of complexity can be rated medium to high on the palate.


A balanced wine that is ready to drink now. It has a good structure and an overall medium level of complexity. Also, the aftertaste is on the medium side. Considering this region, the wine was very surprising!

Score: 85/100

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