Marasca Rossi II Principio 2021

Coming from the Abruzzo region in eastern Italy, two brothers took over the winery from their grandparents and renamed it in their honor.  The surnames Marasca and Rossi are branded for the new direction the winery is taking. Il Principio takes you back to the beginning, an aromatic white blend of Verdicchio, Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes.

Looking at the appearance

A clear and bright appearance with a medium straw colour. There are no signs of aging, and the level of viscosity is high, with slow thick legs coming down from the glass.

Smelling the aromas

On the nose the wine has a medium intensity, giving us floral aromas like acacia and lime tree. Fruity notes like yellow apple, white pear and passionfruit are complemented with minerals and salinity.
This gives us a medium complexity in a young wine that shows no signs of aging.

Flavours on the palate

The fruit components return on the palate along with the freshness of the minerals and salinity, although the level of acidity is rather medium. Overall, the mouthfeel is perceived as being crisp/mouth astringent, but with an oily texture.
The intensity does remain medium.


The wine is balanced with different things going on. No need for aging, as this wine is ready to drink.
Overall complexity and aftertaste is medium.

Score: 84/100

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