Regina dona Godello 2021

The grape of Godello is increasing in popularity and has much potential. Already showing in the sub-region of Ribeira Sacra, in Spanish Galicia.

Looking at the appearance

The appearance is clear and bright, with a medium golden colour. There are no visible signs of aging. The wine does have thick legs, that are slowly running down the inside of the glass after swirling.

Smelling the aromas

The wine starts off a bit closed, but subtle gives you more and more aromas every time you take a sniff. Fruity characteristics like bruised apple, overripe pear, honeydew melon, guava, apricot, white peach along with subtle oak and toasted almonds from the aging on wood. Hints of saline and minerality are found as well.

Flavours on the palate

The wine has a good structure, with a crisp mouthfeel yet with a creamy texture. The level of tannins is low, but the tannins are ripe, due to the usage of old oak barrels. Due to the creamy texture along with touches of exotic fruit the flavour intensity can be seen as medium. The wine has an alcohol percentage of 12.5%


The roundness that defines the grape of Godello gets more complex due to the notes of saline from the climate. The wine can age up to 5 years but is delicious right now. The overall complexity and the length of the aftertaste is medium to high.

Score 87/100

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