WhataboutMe Malbec 2021

Alpasion wineries does wonders with the Malbec grape! located in the Uco Valley, which is on the higher altitudes in Mendoza Argentina. The WhataboutMe Malbec is the entry level, but already has beautiful results!

Looking at the appearance 

The wine is clear and bright, with a medium colour purple. It is still a young wine, with no signs of aging and a high viscosity level.

Smelling the aromas

A medium intensity gives us aromas of red plums, violets, blueberries, dried cherries, coffee, liquorice, cacao powder, chocolate, and tar.
In the nose we do not find any sings of aging and the nose gives us medium complexity.

Flavours on the palate

Little to now residual sugar is found, along with a medium level of acidity and leaves a mouth drying feeling. The level of alcohol is still rather high, around the 14% and the level of tannins sits around a medium level. The tannins are fully ripened though, and the intensity of flavours on the palate scores medium.


There has been a minimum of aging on oak barrels, in order to really express the fruitiness of this Malbec.
The wine is perfectly balanced and ready to drink now. A medium level of complexity and medium level of aftertaste.

Score: 81/100

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